Powder Coating


Apexmoto offers a powder coating services to motorcyclist and car owners.
We can do non automotive parts, but the bulk of our work is small jobs such
as motorcycle wheels or car wheels, rocker covers, motorcycle frames etc.

Our oven supports items up to 120cm ( 4ft ) long, by 91cm ( 3ft ) wide by 91cm ( 3ft ) deep. Our spray equipment has adjustable voltage and adjustable vector wave technology for better cover in corners ( faraday effect ). We also have adjustable dosage air,  fluidising volume, powder dosage and purge air settings. Our booth has 3,000CFM adjustable flow pulling through dual stage reusable/cleanable filters, to ensure 99% dust collection.



The process cost depends on the number of steps required, so the more you do the less you pay. Example removing the bearings or tires from a wheel can save you ¥2,000/wheel.
This customer removed the tires and stickers so the job was cheaper and quicker.

Typically the process is as follows;

  1. Parts removal if necessary, such as bearings or valves
  2. Degrease and clean
  3. Media blasting
  4. Washing
  5. Masking bolt faces and area’s where we do not want the powder such as the flange mount face, on wheels.
  6. Final chemical cleaning
  7. Pre bake to vent any gases from the item.
  8. Powder sprayed and inspection with LED light ( shows any area’s that may require touch up )
  9. Oven baked to manufacturers specified temp and duration.
  10. Final inspection and then packing where requested, or 2nd stage coat when 2 coat powder used such as metallics
    or special powders.






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