Expat Services


Seller Service

Going overseas and want to get the best price for your motorcycles, but don`t have time to deal with the paperwork and advertising? Let Apexmoto handle the whole process for you. For a fixed fee per vehicle we will;

  1. Pickup the motorcycle and detail it for sale.
  2. Securely store the motorcycle until it sale.
  3. Arrange high quality photographs for advertising.
  4. Advertise the motorcycle on Yahoo, Goobike and our web portals.
  5. Vet potential buyers and guarantee payments.
  6. Ensure all legally required paperwork is process, so your name is safe.
  7. Provide proof of sale price and name change.
  8. Where requested, we can remove aftermarket parts and install the originals ( at extra cost ). We can also carry out any repairs required and or order parts required to achieve the best price ).
  9. Transfer payments to any nominated bank account, or pay in cash.

Seller Service agreement:

Please contact us on mailto: sales@apexmoto.jp for further information.

Buyer Service

Coming to Japan and want a motorcycle waiting for you? Apexmoto can find, inspect and register a bike so that when you arrive, you can ride the following weekend. Apexmoto has access to the dealer auctions and can provide competitive pricing on all motorcycles. We can also arrange insurance, delivery to your premises plus purchase and install any accessories you may desire. Please contact us on sales@apexmoto.jp for further information.

Export Service

Relocating to another country and want to take you motorcycle with you? Apexmoto can organise all aspects of the process for you including:

  1. Summary of the process.
  2. Shipping quote options
  3. Insurance options
  4. Customs and import paperwork processing
  5. De-registering the motorcycle in Japan
  6. Crating the motorcycle to appropriate standard.
  7. Delivering to appropriate sea port or airport.
  8. Organize customs clearance at destination.
  9. Organize appropriate testing/certification for street registration.
  10. Destination insured delivery to your premises.


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