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Apexmoto Inc offers a commission based sales service, for customers. We will sell your motorcycle and deal with paperwork, repairs, pick-up and name change to the new owner. There are no up front costs and you simply provide us the motorcycle and associated paperwork and we do the rest. We typically achieve fair market prices for motorcycles sold.


  • We store the bike while it is for sale.
  • No haggling with customers to deal with.
  • Payment into your bank account or cash in hand.
  • Value adding service for cases where the motorcycle needs some work to achieve top price.
  • Access to Goobike and Yahoo, Webike, BBB, Aucnet and other sales outlets.
  • Protection from claims from customers ( provided the motorcycle is above board ).
  • Financial protection in not providing your account information to the buyer.
  • Simple process with no need for Japanese language ability.
  • We hold a deposit until the name change is done, protecting you from related risks.
  • We can pick up the motorcycle ( for a fee ).
  • Professional grade photo’s and advertising.


  • You contact us on email ( ) or phone ( 055-225-5335 ) in English or Japanese.
  • Apexmoto organises for you to drop off the bike or Apexmoto staff to pick up the bike
  • Within 1 week or on pickup, you provide the paperwork. Apexmoto assist in determining what is required.
  • Apexmoto clean and photograph the motorcycle.
  • Any requested repairs are carried out based on a provided quote.
  • Apexmoto advertises the motorcycle.
  • Apexmoto liaises with you on any offers.
  • Once the motorcycle sells Apexmoto facilitates payment and deduct any agreed fees, remitting the balance
    to your nominated Japanese or overseas account.
Our Agreement

Sellers Agreement

Commission Sale of Motorcycle

This agreement defines the terms that govern the on-commission sale of a motorcycle by Apexmoto Inc., its staff and agents. Governing law is the law of Japan.  The objective of this agreement is to facilitate the fair sale of the motorcycle such that both the Seller and Owner understand their responsibilities and risks.



  • Owner – is the person identified on the Title ( Shaken ) of the motorcycle at the time of signing of this agreement. That is the legal Owner of the motorcycle.
  • Seller – Apexmoto Inc.
  • Motorcycle – the motorcycle identified on the Title and owned by the Owner
  • Sales Commission – the agreed fee that the Seller will deduct from the Selling Price achieved when the Motorcycle is sold.
  • Buyer – the customer who purchases the Motorcycle from the Seller
  • Deposit – an amount of money paid by the Buyer to the Seller to temporarily secure the purchase of the Motorcycle, pending the balance being paid.
  • Balance – the Selling Price minus the Deposit.
  • Payment – partial or full payment of the Selling Price.
  • Pickup & Drop Off Fees – the fees the Owner agrees to pay the Seller to pick up or drop off the Motorcycle.
  • Repairs – work or parts required to make the Motorcycle safe to ride, run properly or pass Japanese Shaken requirements.
  • Selling Price – the price the Owner requests the Seller, advertise the Motorcycle at.
  • Default Selling Price – where the Owner has not informed the Seller of the Selling Price, the Seller will sell the Motorcycle for Fair Market Price.
  • Fair Market Price – the price the Seller determines is a fair price for the Motorcycle that would see the Motorcycle sell within 1.5 months.
  • Cancel – where the Owner after a period of time greater than 1 day or after the Motorcycle was picked up, requests the Seller to cease selling the Motorcycle.
  • Good Running Order – a state where the motorcycle starts and runs properly without any strange noise’s or smoke from the exhaust, or engine or gas leaks. Further where all brakes are operational and pads have more than 20% remaining, where suspension does not leak and works as expected, where all electrical’s and lights are functional and where there Is no damage to the frame, wheels or body of the motorcycle.
  • Selling Period – 3 months from date of advertising commencement.


The Owner Agrees;

  1. That the Motorcycle is the legal property of the Owner and no lien or loan is outstanding against the Motorcycle. The Owner indemnifies Apexmoto Inc., against claim arising out of the sale of the Motorcycle.
  2. That the motorcycle is in good running order, or if not in good running order, that any issues are identified to the Seller in advance of signing of this agreement. Where such notice of the Motorcycle not being in Good Running Order is not received by the Seller, the Owner agrees to cover costs to bring the motorcycle to good running order.
  3. That authorization has been provided to the Seller to sell the Motorcycle and take any pictures and make any advertising that may be necessary.
  4. That Owner will provide Ininjo and Jotoshomeisho, both stamped, to Seller.
  5. To provide all necessary paperwork to the Seller such that the Seller can sell the Motorcycle. This general consists of;
    1. Shaken or deregistration documents
    2. Jibaiseki document
    3. Ininjo
    4. Jotoshomeisho
    5. Road Tax Receipt
  6. That in the event the Owner decides to Cancel this agreement and request the Seller not sell the Motorcycle, the Owner agrees to pay 65% of the Commission to the Seller and to further organize to pick the Motorcycle up within 2 weeks from Apexmoto Inc., and at the Owners cost. The Owner can request the Seller to return the Motorcycle and the Owner will cover return costs, or pick up from a Seller.

The Seller Agrees

  1. That ownership of the bike remains with the Owner even if the motorcycle is transferred into the Sellers name, unless the Seller had agreed to buy the motorcycle, in which case a bill of sale must be put in place and proof of payment must be recorded.
  2. To advertise the Motorcycle though GooBike, Yahoo, BBB and any other channels at its disposal.
  3. To follow the Owners directions about the selling price, when provided.
  4. To advertise the Motorcycle for a maximum 3 months ( addition fees will apply if the motorcycle is not sold in 3 months, generally this does not happen as most buyers will work with market values ).
  5. To pick up the Motorcycle at the reasonable cost.
  6. To store the Motorcycle out of the weather and securely.
  7. To wash and detail the Motorcycle before photos are taken.
  8. To take quality advertising photo’s for the Motorcycle.
  9. To advertise with an honest description of the good and bad points of the Motorcycle.
  10. To deduct the Sales Commission from the Selling price and remit the balance to the Owner with the Owner covering any bank fees. In the event where repairs are carried out the balance remitted will be the ( Selling Price – Sales Commission – Repair Fee ).


  1. The Seller is not liable for any damage caused as a result of natural disasters, earthquakes or floods.
  2. The Seller is not liable for any failures that may occur while the Motorcycle is stored at Apexmoto Inc., including but not limited to batteries, fuel and mechanical or electrical failures.
  3. No theft insurance is provided nor offered. We take reasonable steps to secure motorcycles, but we do not insure them for theft, nor accept liability.
  4. The Owner is liable for any outstanding Road Taxes that may not have been paid during the period of ownership.

Selling Fees:

  1. The selling fee is ¥35,000 per motorcycle for motorcycles over ¥0 and under 799,000.
  2. The selling fee is 5% per motorcycle for motorcycles over ¥800,000

Termination Of Agreement:

  1. The Owner or Seller can cancel this agreement via email, or Facebook message or text message or voice mail. Any method that creates a history is acceptable, provided
    1. a Deposit has not been taken.
    2. The Motorcycle has not already been sold.
  2. If the Owner cancels the selling process, 65% of the Requested Selling Fee is payable to the Seller and must be paid within 3 days of termination by the Owner. If Pickup was requested, the pickup fee must also be paid. Drop off fees may also apply.
  3. If the Seller cancels this agreement, the Owner must pick up the motorcycle within one week of termination

Pickup & Drop off Fees:

  1. Pickup fee is ¥16,000 Yokota air base.
  2. Pickup fee is ¥28,000 Yokosuka naval base.
  3. Pickup fee is ¥26,000 Tokyo.
  4. Pickup fee is ¥30,000 Chiba.
  5. Other area’s – please request a quote

Selling Extension Period:

  1. ¥4,000 per month only applicable if the motorcycle has not sold within 3 months and generally we try to avoid this fee by recommend a lower price on the bike so it sells quicker.


  1. The Seller will ensure the motorcycle is insured against accidental damage while stored at Apexmoto Inc.
  2. The motorcycle is not insured against theft, however the motorcycle is stored securely and surveillance cameras are installed. We also have a watch dog and chained gate on a walled property.
  3. No cover for theft or damage caused by earthquake, fire or natural disaster.

Ownership of Funds:

  1. Payments made for the Commissioned Sale of a Motorcycle, minus all Seller fees, are held in a transitory account and are the property of the Owner.
  2. Where the Owner has agreed to delayed remittance, in advance, the Payments may be held for fixed period; so that the Buyer is satisfied the motorcycle is as described.
  3. Seller fees are deducted at the time of Buyer payment.

Limit on Liability:

  1. The Owner indemnifies the Seller against claims made by the Buyer.
  2. The Seller acts as the Owners agent, for the sole purpose of selling the Motorcycle.
  3. The Seller accepts no responsibility for the mechanical or aesthetic condition of the
    motorcycle being sold.

Governing Law:

  1. This Agreement is governed by the laws of Japan.
Printable PDF ( Seller Agreement )


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