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Apexmoto’s Dynojet dyno incorporates an eddy current load cell. The cell can be used to
create very accurate steady state loads or controlled acceleration rates, for tuning or engine/transmission fault finding.

GD-570 Moly Paste is a general purpose molybdenum disulfide (moly) compound.  For motorcycles, it is used  for splines and swing arms.  GD-570 is also an anti seize for parts assembly, especially internal combustion motors, fasteners, press fittings, tapping, and boundary lubrication.



Apexmoto will stock Guard Dog products that relate to motorcycles.

Apexmoto has selected it Dyno. We will be installing a Dynojet 250i with
Autotune functionality. We look forward to being able to provide the following

  1. Custom tunes ( maps )
  2. Power measurement runs
  3. Engine tuning for performance or economy
  4. In-house product development
  5. Fault finding engine problems
  6. Power shoot out competitions












Should have a decision soon.

fairingDucati 1098/1198 carbon bodywork. 3K Carbon Fiber  Twill weave 2×2 with 3 layer UV protect clear coat.

Brand: Sportsriders

Available soon.

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