Apexmoto offers an auction “Agent” service that allows customers to purchase  motorcycles from the dealers auctions. This benefit to the customer is that the motorcycle is often purchased at below retail cost. Most bikes are used bikes but from time to time, brand new bikes are available. We purchase from the two largest auctions in Japan with auctions on Wednesday and Friday.

The Purchase Process

  1. The customer inquires about a particular manufacturer/model/year/condition and informs us of their budget.
  2. Apexmoto provide some history on auction sales as a reference. Apexmoto will also provide an URL where you can register &
    see the bikes on auction yourself. You can then tell us the auction number & date ( plus bike type ).
  3. We will check the online information & offer a recommendation, that the bike is decent or a better bike is recommended.
  4. If any motorcycle interests the customer, we provide all the auction pics.
  5. The customer tells us the max price they can pay ( total price ride away ). We try to get the bike with registration for your budget or less when possible.
  6. If the customer wants to try to win a motorcycle on auction, we require a deposit to be paid as security prior to the day of the auction. Payment can be via PayPal, bank deposit or in cash ( receipt provided ).
    1. Our buying fee is ¥18,000 on bikes ¥0 – ¥500,000. Over ¥500,001 the fee is 6%. Over ¥2,000,000 the fee is 10%
    2. If the motorcycle is de-registered then, the bike can be picked up from BAS in Kashiwa, once full payment is received.
      There is a moving fee of ¥3,000 from BDS to BAS. Alternatively, you can have us take the bike to Apexmoto for ¥19,000 or deliver
      to your home ( quote provided ).
    3. If the motorcycle has registration, they cannot be picked up at BAS Kashiwa. They can be picked up at Apexmoto once full payment
      has been received. A pickup fee of ¥19,000 applies.
    4. For overseas customers, who do not have a Japanese address the deposit is ¥120,000 or 20% of the target hammer price, which ever is higher.
  7. During the pandemic we are not offering onsite inspections. We us online bidding.
  8. We follow the customer instructions as to what to bid on and how much.
  9. If the bike is not won, we either refund the deposit or we hold it, if instructed so by the customer, until the next auction. If a refund is requested only bank or financial institution fees are payable.
  10. If the bike is won for the desired hammer price, we pay all costs and fees and hold the bike until the balance ( total cost minus the deposit ) is paid. Full payment must be made within 5 working days.
  11. A ¥20,000 name change deposit is required if the customer wants to do the name change, or Apexmoto can do the name change ( if the customer is in Tokyo or Yamanashi, for ¥20,000  ). The ¥20,000 deposit is refunded in full once the name change has been confirmed ( minus any bank fees ).
  12. Once payment is confirmed,  the customer can pick up the bike or request we hold the bike until the customer is ready to pick up the bike ( limited to 3 weeks free storage – or up to 1yr storage at ¥4,600 per month.).
  13. We can deliver the bike in Tokyo or Yamanashi for ¥24,000 most days or we can drop off in Shinjuku ( ¥19,000 ), Shibuya ( ¥5,000 ), Yokoska ( ¥23,000 ), Yokota (¥13,600 ) or Atsugi ( ¥18,000 ) on Wednesday mornings. We can also deliver the bike to the local BAS depot for ¥3,000.
  14. If the customer fails to pay the balance before pickup or within 5 working days of the auction date, the deposit is forfeit. ( Unless there are mitigating circumstances ( we require proof ) such as an emergency business trip or an accident, in which case if notified within 1 week, we can hold the bike for up to 3 weeks during which the bike must be paid for and picked up ).

What Are the Costs

The cost are as follows;

  1. Hammer price ( the price the bike sold for ).
  2. Auction fee ( the fee the auction house charges for the sale ).
  3. Apexmoto “Agent” fee.
  4. 10% Sales tax on (1+2+3)

A deliver fee may be applicable if requested. Also about 50% of the bikes have shaken/registration. We can do registration and any services required for extra cost.

Latest Auction Sampler

A selection of the 2400 bike that typically go through auction each week. or you can find on Facebook at


Most motorcycles purchased from auction, come without warranty. Neither the auction company nor Apexmoto include warranty on “Agent” purchased motorcycles. New or under 2yrs old motorcycle purchased on Auction, typically have the OEM warranty. Usually the warranty can be transferred to the new owner, by taking the motorcycle to a dealer and having a service check done.

Apexmoto does offer an options 6 month or 12 month warranty on “Agent” purchased bikes and prices are provided on inquiry ( vary based on motorcycle type, value and condition ).


Apexmoto is licenses to sell automotive insurance or hoken  (Japanese) for motorcycles and cars/trucks.  We sell both JCI or Jibaiseki ( mandatory ) and Ninihoken  ( optional insurance ) and offer service in English or Japanese. Please inquire to


Apexmoto can purchase and install aftermarkets parts and accessories as requested by the customer. We can also install parts ordered by the customer and shipped direct to Apexmoto. Our installation fee are very reasonable and it allows you, the customer to have your new bike delivered with all the accessories you want, pre installed. Conact with inquiries.

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