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[testimonials][testimonial_quote name=”Jeremy Hardcastle”]When I arrived in Japan in 2015 I was determined buy and run a motorcycle. I found my bike through GooBike but the Dealer could not help with insurance. I found Apex Moto through the Gaijin Riders web site. Saori kindly helped me and subsequently several friends to arrange the necessary insurance cover. Sadly in 2017 I had to leave Japan for my next adventure and John offered to help me sell my bike. The deal was for me to ride it until the last possible point, deliver it to Apex Moto, handover the keys, leave the paperwork and John would advertise and hopefully sell the bike. John would take the agreed commission and transfer the remaining money to my bank account. No contracts to be signed, just a handshake. Only in Japan!! Following John’s advice we priced the bike keenly and I left him with some room to negotiate. Within a month of leaving Japan the bike was sold and I had the cash in my account. If I return to Japan and need to buy, sell or insure a motorcycle Apex Moto will be the first place I call. Thank you to John and Saori.[/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”Masaki Fujimoto”]Great service!! John helped me selling my Triumph when I left Japan. He came and picked up the bike, took care of some repairs and all the selling process. The sales price was within the range he told me at first, and very reasonable. All it took me was a few emails and calls, he was very efficient !! When you are stressed with an international moving with your family, it takes quite a burden off your shoulders! Thank you, I would definitely recommend you![/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”Jason Morgan”]Bought my 2012 Suzuki Gladius from Apexmoto. Very helpful service from John, who was very patient with me despite me being extremely clueless. He was always up front about the bikes and extremely low pressure. I always felt that I was getting an honest opinion instead of a sales pitch. The actual bike I got is in fantastic condition and the price was unreal. Highly recommended.[/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”Maggie Aguero”]Apexmoto gave me excellent service, not only was the service quick, but they knew what they were doing. I’d recommend them to anyone if you’re looking to buy or fix up a motorcycle.[/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”Patrick Heiner”]I just bought a bike from Apexmoto and can only confirm what other customers have written on here:
Having never ridden in Japan before, I had a ton of questions, but got fast and detailed answers everytime as well as valuable advice on registration, insurance and generally riding a bike in Japan.
The purchase itself could not have been easier and pricing for the bike as well as services (e.g. shaken, etc.) was very reasonable. In my case it was even ~20% less than what local dealers were asking. Also, as a customer I did not feel that they were trying to just sell me a bike or services I was not asking for, but that they wanted to make sure I am satisfied with the bike. As another customer already said, they really go the extra mile for their customers. Finally, I can only say that I highly recommend Apexmoto and if I were to buy another bike, I would choose to go through them again.[/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”Haruhiko Hatano”]丁寧な作業 親切にありがとうございました
又 寄らせてください[/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”Milan Duric”]Extremely professional service with a good life attitude. I’ll recommend Apexmoto to my friends without any reservation.[/testimonial_quote][testimonial_quote name=”George Vernham”]Thanks to Apexmoti.Inc, I had the pleasure off travelling all around Japan in the last three months. Over 14 300 Kms trouble free riding. The service was great, picking me up from the train station. Putting me up over night. They really go the extra mile too look after there clients. I highly recommend any motorbike enthusiast considering coming to Japan, to contact Apexmoto. Inc. Buy or rent a motorbike and enjoy riding superb roads, meeting friendly people. A very safe and clean country. I can honestly say, that i had a fantastic time. Thank you Apexmoto. Inc.[/testimonial_quote][/testimonials]
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