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Apexmoto Inc. has a fully licensed insurance broker on staff. Our insurance coverage is provided by Mitsui Sumitomo.
We have experience with insurance sales and claims processing. We also carry out insurance repairs, from vehicle recovery
to repair quotes through to the actual repair of the vehicle. We will work with you to ensure you achieve the best settlement
in the event of an accident.

Types Of Insurance

Fundamentally, there are two types of insurance for motorcycles/cars in Japan. Jibaiseki insurance ( sometimes called Kyosei Hoken )
is required for registration/Shaken. It is a type of limited insurance that is mandatory. It does not cover much and does not cover any
third party property damage. We strongly advise to have Ninihoken insurance in addition to the mandatory Jibaiseki insurance.

Jibaiseki Insurance

Jibaiseki insurance is mandatory as part of the Shaken system. It is require for all vehicles that are used on public roads. Even unregistered
vehicles, on temporary plates, are required to have this insurance. Travellers who bring their own vehicle into Japan also need to have Jibaisek
insurance to use public roads. The insurance rate is fixed by the government so there are no real advantages in pricing. However if you purchase
from Apexmoto via credit card or bank transfer, or in person, we can post the insurance certificate and sticker to you in advance of your renewal.
Jibaiseki covers injury inflicted on other parties in an accident. More information on Jibaiseki can be found here
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Jibaiseki Inquiry
NOTE : Shaken copy

Ninihoken Insurance

Ninihoken is optional insurance ( but highly recommended by Apexmoto to avoid being sued for damages ).  In its basic form, it covers third party property damages and also extends the coverage included in Jibaiseki ( which is limited ) for bodily injury or death. Most customers choose unlimited cover. There are many options, including lawyer support, income protection, theft, comprehensive or cover for your own vehicle. Basic unlimited insurance cost about 53,000 for the 1st year for under 26yr olds and about 42,000/year if over 26yrs old. No claims discounts apply and can accrue up to about 45% of the policy cost over 5 years. We can now offer Ninihoken for temporarily imported vehicles as we can with Jibaiseki insurance.
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