Dyno Tuning

Apexmoto has possibly the best dyno room in Japan. With dual 11,000CFM fans in a push/pull configuration keeping air flow high with little to no change in static pressure. Both fans are synchronised by a controller that allows speed adjustments. Add to the massive 11,000CFM room venting system, we have two 1,500 CFM cooling fans that can direct air to the radiators or the air intakes at a wind speed of 80Kms/hr. We plan an upgrade shortly that will provide 2 extra fans so we can use two for ram air and two for direct cooling. Added to the class leading cooling and venting, we have a spacious room where customers can video their bike being tuned.

Our dyno is a Dynojet 250i with every option, including load cell and dual A/F sensors. Recently upgraded to Dynojet RT hardware and software we can offer world standard tuning and power checks.


You never know who you might meet at Apexmoto Inc.s dyno room.


Stylish and practical class leading design


Functional and spacious


Dynojet RT hardware – more powerful and many more features.

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